“He that would bring home the wealth of the Indies must carry the wealth of the Indies with him.

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Hellhound on His Heels


Years ago, while walking along a Northern California beach with my son I spotted a little yellow boat bobbing in the surf. I looked up and down the beach. No one was around so I picked it up. I figured it was a gift for William – maybe from Poseidon or a mermaid - so I looked out to sea and thanked them. I thought of that moment when I ran across Strand, an entire book about the stuff the waves toss onto the beach. It's Bonnie Henderson’s answer to the questions she had about what she found along Mile 157 – a beach she walked and monitored for Oregon’s CoastWatch organization. Henderson painstakingly tracked the origins of her discoveries and chronicled her work in Strand. Her investigation not only uncovered how each of her finds landed on Mile 157 but also revealed big lessons about the oceans and the balance of man and nature and sea life.


Strand takes you on a fantastic adventure to the Pacific Northwest, along the Oregon Coast. You’ll stay in the home of a lighthouse keeper, enjoy fish and chips at one of the most popular fish restaurants on the coast and possibly even get a glimpse of a whale. But more importantly, you will see for yourself, that mile stretch of beach, called Mile 157. On that strand, Bonnie Henderson’s beach, you can’t help but become a beachcomber and look for the same things Henderson saw that inspired her to write Strand.


Bonnie Henderson is a journalist and an outdoor enthusiast. She writes for many magazines and in addition to Strand she's written books on hiking along the Oregon Coast.  She lives in Eugene.  


Unlike most of the books I've tripped on, Bonnie Henderson's Strand took me to a few cities.  Luckily - most of them are pretty close to one another along a two-hour drive on the Oregon Coast. It took me a few treks to see and photograph them all but I've organized the best stops so you can trip on Strand in a quick dash or linger awhile.


It doesn't get any better than the fish stand Bonnie Henderson takes us to in Strand.


There's only one place to stay when it comes to Bonnie Henderson's Strand.

And it's a very good place.




The setting of Strand is a great spot for a traveling

book club adventure.



Sample Itinerary




Heceta Lighthouse Inn

Dinner and Book Discussion in Lounge



Breakfast at the Inn

Beach Combing on Mile 157

Picnic Lunch...