“He that would bring home the wealth of the Indies must carry the wealth of the Indies with him.

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who i am

Who am I? And what am I doing here with this particular space on the Internet Highway? Well, I think of myself as a guide, of sorts. However, to fully explain it to you I'd like to start with what I’m not doing.

While I am examining books, I am not a literary scholar. So, I won’t be trying to determine if a literary work deserves its great acclaim. I am not a literary critic.  The only evaluating I do is determining if the locations in the book are worth your time to visit. And while I am taking you to many different places, I’m not even sure I’m a travel writer. I'm not creating "literature of a place," which is one definition I found which I don't really understand. So that brings us back to the guide thing. I guess I could be classified as a writer of travel guides. However, I'm not sure that will even work. These guides won't include all the highs and lows of all the top hotels and restaurants and tourists attractions in a particular city


“So,” my husband asks when I read the preceding paragraphs out loud to him, which he hates, incidentally, which I do anyway, “What are you then?”

I reply, “I’m a traveler who is tripping on books who wants everyone else to trip on books too."

“Yes,” he says, “But people are going to want to know what that means.“

See - how helpful he is. It’s a good point. So here goes, here’s how I go about tripping on books.

I seek out literature with a strong setting. I identify and investigate the locations in the book: the hotels, restaurants, historical landmarks, statues, pools, beaches, ponds, and so on. Then, I go out and see them - take pictures and write up a little explainer - about as much my Traveling Book Club would want to know, which is NOT THAT MUCH.  Then, I tell you what happened to me when I got there. This - I hope - will help you trip on books, either from the armchair - or in real life.

You can trip alone, (I do that a lot) with friends, (that too) with family, (they are SO tired of doing this with me) but I tend to enjoy this activity the most with my Traveling Book Club which I established in 2004 when I moved to Northern California and I wanted to stay connected to my friends in Southern California.


I highly recommend this activity no matter how you go about doing it. I've had a blast tripping on books and I hope you will too!  Enjoy!